About Us

About Us

We create unique experiences

Worker International  is focused on bridging the gap between talent and organizations looking for finding a perfect match. We hold expertise in providing suitable work-force for leading corporations in varied industries across the nation. Our team of experts creates work opportunities for talented and dedicated those looking for a job.

  • Employment Contract & Travel Advisory
  • Onboarding International Employees
  • Screening & Assessment of Talent
  • International Staff Orientation

About Us
We are committed to building a favorable environment for:
  • Health of employee
  • Employee safety
  • Job security
  • Welfare and employer satisfaction

At Worker International, we are committed to offer world class Recruitment Solutions. Our commitment is to offer 100% satisfaction of our clients combined with social integration of job seekers looking forward towards having a brighter and safer career in the long run. Services offered by us include but are not limited to the following:

As professionals serving the industry since years, we believe in providing world class solutions accomplishing client requirements. This is possible by our team’s unprecedented reach across varied sectors. Some of these include IT, Construction, Tourism, Production, Medical industry, and many more.

With Worker International, employers can get almost instant immediate access to a diverse, targeted and highly skilled audience of job seekers. We have access to a large number of skilled professionals and employers looking for potential global employment opportunities from a wide range of industries including mining, oil, information technology, management, power systems, marketing, health services, international relations, hospitality, security, international finance, global non-profit and human resources, and many more.

We are an internationally-focused job board with a mission to offer an effective mechanism for employers and job seekers worldwide to connect with each other.

Reach out to our team managing a career portal owing an established reputation and a dedicated international audience. 

Why Choose Worker International

We offer complete recruitment solutions to make hiring simple and hiring without any hiccups.
We offer flexible and effective recruitment services that fulfils business operational goals.
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Ranked among top HR consultants

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Excellence in service & commitment to performance

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